Ignite Your Market Challenge: Focus on Your Goals

The Ignite Your Market Weekly Challenge’s goal is to create simple but powerful actions that you can do each week that will help you:

  • Identify your market and opportunities.
  • Connect with your client and prospects.
  • Ignite your markets and your businesses



“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.” – Venus Williams

Venus Williams statement is amazing advice, as business owners, we need to focus on our goals, not on the obstacles or the distractions that get in our way. It is so easy to be pulled away from our goals to only discover weeks, months or even a year later we haven’t progressed towards our ultimate goal.

This morning I was working with a client who had a long to-do list. The list was stressing her out, it was too long. I asked her what was her number 1 goal, her answer was to have the first client sign up for her new program. Using that as her filtering criteria she was able to identify her top goals for this week.  Our coaching became very focused on that top goal and she cut her list down to 3 focused actions/steps. She got rid of the distracting “shoulds” so that she can stay focused on her ultimate goal.

The challenge this week is to identify your top goal(s) for this week and use them as your filtering criteria. Write them down, pull up your calendar and schedule time to work on them. If you are working on something that doesn’t track to your top goals ask yourself why you are spending time on it this week. Treat working on your top goals as important as a meeting with your number one client.

Please share your commitments and results in the comments below.


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Heather Cameron

I am the creator of the Ignite Your Market Programs and I'm passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to see beyond their current market and grow their business.

I love to see entrepreneurs follow their passions, serve more people and create the lifestyle of their dreams.
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  1. Great tip! A reminder for me to focus not on the negativity from people as they rob me of my creativity and motivation. Although I am involved in a non-profit trying to accomplish adoptions for a cat rescue, it is sometimes so easy to dwell on the “bad stuff” and get stuck on it so that I feel I am in a fog. Once I am out of that fog, I realize I lost valuable time brooding in the land of not focusing at the issues and jobs at hand. So thanks for the thump on the head! I try to work on the projects in sizable chunks so a wee bit of accomplishment one will lead to more the next day.

  2. very nice! I have found that even taking time at night to plan your first task for the next day works wonders, as it stops you wondering in bed what you will be doing, plus it allows your brain to get to work thinking of how best to get that task done!
    Thanks for the valuable reminder about focus on goals!

  3. SALESH DIPAK says:

    Great tips to take note of….