Meet Heather Cameron

I help women business owners who are ready to grow their businesses but they’re struggling to figure out the “how”.  I help them, get focused and take the bold steps that Ignite their Market to achieve the results they want.

Ok, there is the elevator speech, but really what does it all mean to you?

It means that I work with you to get laser focused on what your unique business needs are right now. We focus on what is essential for any business to be a success: your market/clients, your marketing and promotional plans, your strategy and your numbers.

I believe that business success is about “the math” and that’s why I created the 7 Accelerators to Double Your Income. It is not only about taking action – it’s about taking the “right” action.

What else do I believe?  I believe now is the time for women to really step into running their own business. I believe it is time for women to start playing bigger to achieve more for their business and themselves. Too many times I’ve seen women themselves being the biggest barrier to their own success. I know this firsthand, as I too have been a barrier to my own growth and success.

What makes me unique?

I was born into the entrepreneurship world; my father ran a successful business from our home. My aunt was his administrative support, my mom did the accounting and I often had breakfast with his employees sitting around the kitchen table. As a result, I had an early introduction to entrepreneurship. During my teens, I never thought twice about answering the business phone or dealing with customers.

My parents strongly believed in education and wanted their children to have a career. So off I went to university and, following in my brother’s footsteps, graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I worked for over 20 years in high tech and was fortunate to develop a wide breadth of experience including management, sales, marketing, portfolio management and research & development (product creation and delivery). My career gave me the opportunity to travel extensively and work with businesses in many different countries, including work in the Asia Pacific region.

Then the tech bubble burst while I was living in Sydney Australia.  The company downsized rapidly, the area I managed was sold and I returned to Canada feeling lost and unsure of what was next.

I did a lot of soul-searching and realized that what I loved most in all of my accomplishments was helping individuals and groups realize their own potential. I loved helping them get out of their own way and create massive results. So I took the plunge and I went back to school to obtain my Diploma of Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University!  I also added several key certifications, becoming a Trainer & Coach in Effective Intelligence® and Emotional Power™ and an accredited IOWEU/Smarter Selling Program Facilitator.

I launched my business Horizon Performance Insights in May 2004.  Something I never imagined doing after having a ‘”career”, but I did and now I can’t see ever doing anything else! I still remember the joy of getting my first payment from a client.  What a great feeling of “I did that all by myself!” I still get a thrill when I close a new opportunity. It was a joy when I landed a multi-year contract in Zambia to work with a local leadership team.  What an amazing opportunity and learning experience!

I love relationship building. I love seeing my clients, corporate or entrepreneurial, have a-ha moments and take bold steps to achieve their goals. I was naturally coaching my clients without realizing there was a formal professional designation to being a coach.  Then one of my CEO clients pointed me in the direction of Royal Roads University and their Executive Coaching Certification.  That program transformed my business from team building and facilitation to a coaching business working with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business leaders.

Like all entrepreneurs, my business has had its ups and downs.  Through each one, I’ve learned something new and I still love being my own boss. I’ve learned that I have a passion for working with entrepreneurs, particularly women, and that I have a talent for helping my clients get clear and focused.

How can I help you?

Through my Amplify Your Message, Ignite Your Market Mastermind, and Acceleration Programs, I can help you to stop listening to the “shoulds” and the noise so you can focus on what is key to your unique business success. I can help you understand fundamental business principals that were never taught to you in school, though they should have been.

If you’d like to get to know me better and see if I can help you,  please stop by, like and follow my Ignite Your Market Facebook Business Page. You’ll find weekly Ignite Your Market Challenges, Tuesday at noon Facebook Live Business Tips, Big Your Own Boss Perks and much more. Most Tuesday at noon I’m broadcast on Facebook live, t’s free and each month provides useful implementable ideas to grow your business.