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Hello I need Your Help I’ve been asked to write an article/section for an upcoming book, a how-to guide to making a career change. My topic is focused on the option of starting a business, the different types of businesses available and the pros and cons.

I would love to include some insights from other entrepreneurs and would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes and respond to the survey below.  Your name, business and URL are optional, please include them if you’d like to be identified if your answers are included in any publication.

Please remember to select “submit” at the end of the survey.



Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey, I’m excited to read each answer and share the information in future blogs and articles.

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Heather Cameron

I am the creator of the Ignite Your Market Programs and I'm passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to see beyond their current market and grow their business.

I love to see entrepreneurs follow their passions, serve more people and create the lifestyle of their dreams.
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  1. Heather, what a neat idea – to wrap a blog around a survey. Go to put that into my toolbox – if I can find a widget that will embed the html code for me. Thanks, and yes I am goint to complete the survey before logging out. Namaste, my friend. [r[

  2. Survey completed. It was a good one. Feel free to use my answers if you like

  3. I’m on fire tonight!! I answered all of your questions, and yes, feel free to quote me! This was a wonderful questionnaire!

    • Heather Cameron says:

      Thank you Tina, Great answers. I’m looking forward to using the feedback and provide credit (and links) to those who have shared.

  4. I am in no position of giving any advice on any business aspects, but thanks for the posting this.

    • Heather Cameron says:

      Kingphoo Ninja – I’m not looking for you to give advice just share your own experience. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I love being self employed. I was the best decision I ever made.

    • Heather Cameron says:

      Dannii – Thank you for commenting and responding. Love see people who love their choice of self employment.